About Cupertino Driving School

Cupertino Driving School, founded in 1982, is located at the core of Cupertino, serving the entire South Bay area. Through our effort for decades, the school now has been one of the largest driving schools in northern California. In 2011, the school has been reformed and renamed "Cupertino Driving School Inc." (DMV#4565).

For over 3 decades, we have helped over 60000 people to obtain their driver's licenses, and have helped over 1900 people whose licenses were suspended to re-obtain their licenses. By faithfully serving the community and every student driver, we have successfully built and maintained our business reputation.

We Provide:

1.Adult Behind-the-Wheel training.

2.Online Driver Education Class for teenagers.

3.Teenage 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel program.

4.Services related to Special Permit.

5.Driving instructor training program.

Cars We Use:

We extremely pay attention to the instruction vehicles we use in order to ensure the best safety and stability of our training. Same as other driving schools, we equipped our vehicles with dual brake systems and commercial insurance. However what makes us different is that we only use relatively new vehicles for our training: other than detailed inspections and maintenance for the cars and their dual brake systems, we regularly replace our cars by brand-new ones in every 5 years. Since 2012, we began using hybrid vehicles in order to contribute to emission reduction; in current, our instruction vehicles are mainly new Toyota Prius.

Why Choose Us

We Are More Helpful

From the students' first phone call/email to the last minute of their last training lesson, we do our best to provide our students with the most helpful advice, and are happy to answer all questions from them-- much more than driving training. For best convenience of our students, our instructors provide trainings from 7 am to 6 pm everyday; our phone lines are available anytime for inquiries and scheduling. For teenage students, we take even more care of them to reassure parents.

We Build Confidence

"To build the students' confidence of driving should be prior to everything else." This has been the school’s philosophy since its founding. Students in Cupertino Driving School are pressure-free in their trainings because our instructors always carefully build their confidence by making encouraging and positive suggestions rather than negative and "dry" comments. Based on their confidence, we make them safe and responsible drivers.

We Are More Qualified

Our instructors are not only experienced; their teaching is not merely relying on their behind-the-wheel experience, either. With the well-designed lesson plans, assessment checklists, and other materials, our instructors may conduct their training lessons in much more quantitative and scientific way. Feedback from students and teen students' parents are highly valued; our instructors discuss with them at the beginning or by the ending of each lesson.

We Are More Focused

Cupertino Driving School only provide one-on-one driving training. Each student will be fully taken care of in each lesson. During your training, you only focus on your driving and your instructor only focuses on you.

Our Service

30hrs Online Driver Education

Online Driver Education Class (Price: $30/person)

We provide online Driver Education Class for teenage students (15 1/2 to 17 1/2); California DMV requires the completion of Driver Education and the certificate before their instruction permit applications and written tests. Please click the following buttons for register/payment and login for the course. When students accomplish their courses, certificates will be sent by mail.

Behind the Wheel (BTW) Training

Adult Driving Training   (Base price: Local Streets $150/2hrs, Freeway $200/2hrs)

California DMV has no specific requirement for the total length of behind-the-wheel training for student drivers over 17 1/2. However typically, a novice driver may need to take 6 to 8 driving lessons (12-16 hours in total) in order to be ready for the behind-the-wheel drive test. Our instructors usually help students to customize their own training program at the end of their first lesson, by professionally assessing their actual conditions.

A Sample Lesson Plan for Adult Driving Training

4 hours Brush-Up Session   (Base price: $300/4hrs)

This training is specifically for people who already have driving experience in other countries and need to focus more on the traffic rules of California before their drive test. Within 4 hours (2 lessons) the instructor will also help the student to familiarize the requirements of DMV drive test.

Renting an instructor car for DMV Drive Test  

We provide instruction car rental for student drivers who need to rent cars for DMV drive test. Our instructor will pick them up at their designated location in 1 hour before the test appointment, and take 30 to 40 minutes to warm up with students before the test. Instructor will drive the student back to the location designated after the drive test. Usually this session takes 2 hours; however due to the actual wait time at different DMV field offices, session might be extended and overtime charge would incur.

(Base price for DMVs in South Bay Area: $150/2hrs for customers with existing DMV drive test appointments, $200/2hrs for customers who need assistance for booking test appointments; $75 for each additional hour.)

Drive Test Preparation Service for Students Using Their Own Cars    (Price: $60/test)

For student drivers who have their own cars and need to prepare and arrange for their behind-the-wheel drive tests, we provide online service including test preparation guidance/to-do list as well as booking drive test appointments (South Bay Area DMVs). Please email or call us for details.

Notice: Based on the distance from student's address to our location, additional charge of each session may be calculated and confirmed when signing up with us.

Teen BTW Training

Teen 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel Program (Base price: $480/6hrs)

California DMV requires completion of minimum 6 hours behind-the-wheel training for the minor instruction permit holders (15 1/2 to 17 1/2) before their behind-the-wheel drive test. To be eligible for taking drive tests, they are expected to accomplish this program and obtain the certificate as well as 50 hours driving exercise with parents in 6 months since the date they obtain their instruction permits. Our instructors do their best to work together with students' parents in the trainings; feedback and suggestions will be given to parents and inquiries from parents are welcomed.

Lesson Plan of Teen 6 hrs Training program


Advanced 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel Program   (Base price: $600/6hrs)

This program is the supplement of the basic 6 hours program and is designed as the solution for the pain points of parents in their 50 hours parent-teen driving. The program covers downtown driving, advanced parking skills training, long distance freeway driving, and mountain driving, which are essential for the future practical driving of students. We suggest that the students who sign up for this program to finish these three 2 hours sessions in one to two weeks; students shall also firstly accomplish their basic 6 hours program.

Notice: Based on the distance from student's address to our location, additional charge of each session may be calculated and confirmed when signing up with us.

Special Permit

Special Permit Service

For drivers whose licenses are suspended by California DMV, a Special Instruction Permit issued by DMV upon the request from driving school and intensive driving training are needed. Depending on the actual condition of each trainee, the entire length of training may vary; our instructors will keep evaluating during the training and determine whether the trainee is ready for the special drive test of DMV. Once the trainees pass our evaluation, our school office will contact DMV immediately and schedule the special drive test for them. Trainees who pass the test will have chance to re-obtain their licenses.


1) Please contact our school and provide the driver’s information, our office will then contact DMV and request a special instruction permit for the driver. (Paperwork fee: $60)

2) By receiving the permit, we will begin the intensive training program. (Base price: $100/hr)

3) Based on our instructors' evaluation, we will again contact DMV to schedule the special drive test for the trainee.

4)Instructor will accompany the trainee to DMV for the special drive test. (Base price: $100/hr)

Instructor Training Program

Instructor Training Program

Our school provides year-round training program for new driving instructors. Outstanding candidates will be preferentially offered opportunities to work with us. Please contact us for detail.


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