We Provide:

1. Adult Behind-the-Wheel training lessons.

2. Online teenage Driver Education Class.

3. Teenage 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel training program.

4. Special Permit for the people whose licenses have been revoked.

5. Help to solve different kinds of difficult issues regarding driving licenses.

6. Training program for new instructors.


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Cupertino Driving School was Established in 1982 (DMV#3678). Through our effort for decades, the school now has been one of the best driving school in northern California. In 2011, the school has been successfully reformed as an incorporation (DMV#4565).
We have helped over 50000 people to obtain their driving licenses, and have helped over 1900 people to re-obtain their driving licenses after their licenses have been revoked.Through the constructive interaction with our valued customers for over 30 years, we have successfully built our business reputation.
About the way we work:

“Being Helpful”: from the student’s first phone call to the last minute of the last training lesson, the school does its best to provide the most helpful advice to the students, and will be happy to answer all of the students’ questions regarding normal daily driving, DMV regulations, driving tests, etc.
“Being Positive”: this has been set as the school’s teaching philosophy since the first day; rather than merely giving “dry” comments to students in every class, instructors has been making their every single word positive and encouraging.

As the operator of the school, Mr. Rui Lin pointed out, “To build the students’ confidence of driving should be prior to everything else when we teach.” “Being Focused”: differ to others, Cupertino Driving School only provide one-on-one driving training; therefore, each student will be fully taken care of in each driving lesson.
About the Cars We Use:
To ensure the best safety and stability of our training lessons, all of the instruction cars are manufactured in or after 2007, and are well maintained regularly; dual brake systems are fully equipped and inspected, as well as commercial insurance. In current, the school uses 2007 and 2010 Corolla, 2008 Mini Cooper, 2008 Civic, and newly purchased 2012 Prius.
Covered Areas:

Santa Clara
Mountain View
Los Altos
Palo Alto/Stanford
San Jose
Monte Sereno
Los Gatos

Fremont (south)


Pick up and drop off is free for Behind the Wheel training lessons.

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